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Shower Glass Door Miami

Ameriglass Contractors provides beautiful and functional custom-designed frameless shower enclosures and doors at incredible prices.

When you begin a new construction project like a bathroom remodel, we can install, replace, and design your enclosure to meet your specifications. We can assist you in designing a frameless shower enclosure that will enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom and home.

Ameriglass Contractors provides many types of tempered and frameless glass, from 3/8” or 1/2”, as well as hardware and various types of finishes. We will match the décor of your home with custom handles and towel bar combinations that compliment a room. We offer chrome, brass, gold, copper, bronze, and more.

Frameless Shower Doors Miami

If you would like to upgrade your bathroom with our Miami, Broward, and West Palm Beach glass shower doors and enclosures, Ameriglass Contractors are here for you.

Frameless shower doors provide an elegant feel to any bathroom space. If you are beginning a new construction, a bathroom remodel, or a replacement installation, Ameriglass experts have years of experience to do the job right. Frameless shower doors and panels allow you to have a shower that is customized to your space. They look cleaner and are easier to clean, as well. Metal shower doors can rust and show their age with quicker wear and tear. Glass doors are an attractive look for any bathroom space and will last for years to come.