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Storefront Impact
Glass Repair

High-impact windows can protect your business from the strong winds and debris caused by hurricanes and tropical storms.

These harsh weather conditions can cause serious damage to properties including broken glass, exposing your business to the elements and increasing the risk of looting. High-impact storefront glass is an excellent investment for business owners and companies, especially in South Florida where hurricanes and tropical storms are so common. Wind can carry lots of debris, increasing the risk for broken glass during stormy weather.

Due to a strong inter-layer in between two panes of glass, high-impact glass can protect your business from the risks associated with hurricane-strength winds. Our products are installed in strict compliance with the product’s Notices of Acceptance (NOA) and the manufacturer’s installation instruction manuals using the top materials in the market. This helps ensure an excellent storefront glass installation guaranteeing the quality and safety offered by the high-impact glass.

Storefront Impact Glass Repair Miami

The advantages of using Hurricane Impact Doors and windows in your business are:


Nowadays, anything that we are able to do that can help lower the electrical bill is an advantage. Regular windows allow the cold or high temperature to transfer between your inner and outer conditions with a mild level of resistance. The best thing about hi-impact home windows is usually that they provide excellent insulation that will maintain this transfer in balance and therefore give the house or business owner a far more friendly energy expense.

Continuous Protection:

Anyone who is the owner of hurricane panels understands how much work it really is to place them up and consider them down. Not merely is this an issue, nonetheless, it gives you just temporary protection from a number of situations; such as higher velocity home windows and break-ins. An excellent advantage of owning Impact Home windows is you have around-the-clock protection.

Noise Reduction:

In the event that you live near an occupied intersection or a ball field, after that reducing the audio around you may be a good choice. So if you want to create a relaxing environment while having safety from high-velocity home windows, then Impact Home windows will accomplish this precise feat for you.

U-V Protection:

Within Florida, there exists a boatload of sun. This implies that there is a particular amount of U-V light present. Impact Home windows will block these dangerous rays by up to 99% and safeguard the considerations that you possess in your house or business. These rays could cause extreme fading or discoloration of from your couch to the breakfast desk.

Insurance premium discount rates:

Because Impact Windows certainly are a protective program for the house or office, the common owner may possibly get nearly up to half from their bill. Of program, each insurance company differs, and the actual quantity can vary.

Expect to have same-day Storefront Impact Glass Repair service. We’re available in the market 24 hours per day, 7 days weekly to keep your business secure and protect. We provide all clients an excellent product at affordable price.

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