Frameless shower doors aren’t just another trend that will come and go; they’re here to stay for the long haul. These kinds of shower doors make any bathroom instantly look elegant. The modern feel of the translucent glass can make your bathroom look upgraded and brand new with just this shower door alone. You may be thinking that there isn’t a point in getting a new shower door if there’s nothing wrong with your old, but did you know that the frameless shower doors serve more purposes than elegance? While yes, these kinds of showers are nice to look at and add a great touch to the bathroom; they also serve other beneficial functions as well such as all of the customization options in your wildest dreams. These doors also are quick and easy to clean, giving your bathroom a tidy appearance. Sometimes the items we want are needs, such as a frameless shower door. If you have been considering getting your bathroom remodeled, replaced, or are in the midst of construction for your future home, Ameriglass has got you covered for your entire shower door needs. Keep reading below to learn more about the awesome benefits this shower door upgrade can give you.


Customization and Appearance

This is already a well-known benefit; however, it is still a valid reason to upgrade the look of your shower door. Sometimes we are just ready for change and what better type of change than an interior design one. Frameless shower doors are extremely customizable and can be changed to fit any bathroom theme. This type of door can be the perfect addition to your bathroom if you are looking to spice things up without remodeling every countertop and appliance, saving you money in the long run. Most traditional shower doors come in specific sizes and colors allowing for little to nothing when it comes to versatility. The frameless shower door is quite the opposite and can be made to suit any style you want. These translucent doors also allow for the bathroom to feel less cluttered and more open, instantly transforming the room. The simple look of the frameless shower door allows for other areas of the room to stand out without diminishing the elegance of the shower. Installing this kind of door is a must if you are looking to transform your bathroom with one easy fix. The options are unlimited with what you can do with the frameless shower door.



These kinds of doors are significantly easier to clean than their metal counterparts. This also helps avoid mold and mildew from forming. The framed shower doors have these seals that are in place to keep the entire shower water in the shower, which is great for the most part; however, this can also cause water to constantly be under the frames and become a perfect breeding ground for mold. With the frameless doors in place you will not have to worry about water escaping nor will you have to worry about mold growing in small cracks and crevices. The glass is also significantly easier to clean. All it takes is a quick wipe down and it’s as good as new. This not only will save you time in the future for when you do a deep clean but will also help in keeping the bathroom looking good all the time. No longer will you have to worry about guests seeing a dingy shower, with frameless doors your shower will look consistently spotless.


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