When your storefront window breaks, you can feel exposed, insecure, and worry about repair costs. The most important thing to do when your storefront window breaks is to remain calm and call the professionals at Ameriglass Contractors to be on the scene! Ameriglass Contractors offers Emergency Commercial Glass Repair and replacement in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Broward 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Trust Ameriglass Contractors for superior-high-quality emergency service at all hours of the day! 


When a window or glass door breaks at your office building, your mind begins races everywhere except for your rational side, and rightful so. You’re allowed to experience emotions! However, you will start to feel better, secure, and safer when Ameriglass Contractors arrives on the scene and either replaces your storefront window or board it up. At the same time, we wait for your glass to come in. When damage has occurred to your storefront, you need to have a professional on-scene who can help clean up and repair the damages. Ameriglass Contractors is that Commercial Glass Replacement Company ready to help your business open back up. When we repair your West Palm Beach storefront, we often ask clients if they would be interested in replacing their broken windows with Hi-Impact Glass to help increase protection and security against a natural disaster or a tropical storm.


Ameriglass Contractors is proud to offer the best quality commercial and residential glass repairs, replacements, and installations in West Palm Beach. We are a family-owned and operated company that requires all our technicians are both professionally trained and experienced. The technicians at Ameriglass Contractors are quick, reliable, courteous, and efficient, making your glass repair experience more enjoyable. Ameriglass Contractors uses top quality materials and provides the best artistry in the industry, guaranteeing customer satisfaction every time.


Ameriglass Contractors also offers storefront impact glass for additional protection for businesses. Storefront impact glass increases the protection from strong winds and debris through its strong inter-layer in between two panes of glass. Ameriglass Contractors understands the harsh weather conditions that occur living in South Florida, which is why Ameriglass Contractors offers storefront impact glass to protect businesses against hurricanes and tropical storms that go through the area. Ameriglass Contractors technicians install storefront impact glass in strict compliance with the product’s Notices of Acceptance (NOA), so you can trust the investment you’re making for your office building.  


In need of storefront board up services for your office? Ameriglass Contractors will suitably protect your property by boarding up all kinds of broken doors and windows. Ameriglass Contractors technicians are appropriately trained and experienced in emergency board up services to cover temporary glass harm. Technicians will bring a variety of hardwood in inventory ready to go to install short-term solid wood board safely, securely, and professionally. Don’t stress about trying to measure and cover up your damaged windows. Call the professionals at Ameriglass Contractors to take care of everything. All hardwood can be trim on-site to the exact sizes of your broken door or window, safeguarding your office from the elements and criminals.


With numerous successful jobs and over two decades of experience, we’re your top choice in hurricane storm windows in Commercial Glass Repair and replacement in West Palm Beach. If you need an emergency commercial glass repair, then call Ameriglass Contractors any time of day to get the job done right the first time! With locations in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Broward, Ameriglass Contractors can arrive on the scene in 30 minutes to provide emergency Hi-Impact Glass repairs and replacements. Call Ameriglass Contractors at (954) 906-0606 to get started with your Storefront Impact Glass Repair job today!