In South Florida, storm season is underway. And whether you’ve lived here for 5 years of 25 years, you know that storm season in West Palm Beach can be extremely unpredictable. So, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the worst. With hurricane season in full swing, people are now taking stock of their hurricane kit and supplies, pulling the shutters out of the garage and looking to make any long-overdue repairs to their doors and windows before a storm hits. Why rush around last minute in panic mode if you don’t have to? One thing that is also important to know, and not something everyone would readily think about beforehand, is to research emergency home glass replacement in West Palm Beach. When a hurricane hits, you want a reputable service that you can count on for immediate assistance should your windows break from any flying debris, high winds, or rain. At Ameriglass Contractors, we provide help for you 24/7, providing all emergency glass repair seven days per week. Our glass technicians are specially trained in emergency situations like these and can be dispatched within 30-minutes of your call. Leaving your home vulnerable to the elements or the possibility of a robbery or vandalism is cause for concern. At Ameriglass Contactors, customers are our number one priority, and ensuring yours and your family’s safety, as well as your home, is why we have been a stand-out glass service in the South Florida community for decades. 

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In keeping with our great customer service, the technicians at Ameriglass Contractors will come to your home and fix the broken window with standard glass materials that we have on-hand in our truck. Our trucks are equipped with many different types of glass, and chances are we have the glass you need for the repair on hand. If the damage is too extensive, we will first clean up the area to free it of broken glass and any stray shards. We will then board up your residence or business securely with strong plywood. Until then, this will secure your property until your window can be replaced. Our technicians are trained extensively to perform all emergency home glass replacement in West Palm Beach expertly and efficiently so you feel safe and secure leaving your property temporarily until a replacement glass does arrive. The sooner you can replace the window the better, but rest assured that our temporary fix will allow you to return to your life with a lot less stress.

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With Ameriglass Contractors, you get a glass company that has decades of experience and knowledge to perform your emergency home glass replacement, West Palm Beach. With us, you’re getting an industry leader who boasts extensive experience in glass repair of all kinds whether it is a window, door, storefront, or motor vehicle. Call us today in West Palm Beach at (561) 220-7581 for your free, no-obligation estimate. Our courteous dedicated glass installers are sure to leave you satisfied with any of the glass products you choose. At Ameriglass Contractors, we stand by our work! So, even if you don’t need us now, you may someday in the future. Get ahead of the hurricane season with a great glass company in your contact list. You never know what other surprises 2020 may bring.  At Ameriglass Contractors, we believe in being as prepared as possible we still want you to be as prepared as possible! Contact us for a free estimate today!