As we are in the midst of hurricane season, homeowners may experience damages caused to their homes, including their doors and windows. If a hurricane or tropical storm breaks your glass door or windows, your first instinct may be to board it up with a piece of plywood, but you don’t have to! What you should do is dial (954) 906-0606 and get in contact with the professionals at Ameriglass Contractors. Ameriglass Contractors is available to provide Emergency Home Glass Replacement 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One of our professionals will arrive on the scene within half an hour to evaluate the extent of damage and discuss with you the best course of action. 


The Best Glass Replacement Company West Palm Beach

As the best Glass Replacement Company in West Palm Beach, Ameriglass Contractors is proud to offer Emergency Home Glass services for all homeowners. When a window or glass door at your home breaks, your mind goes everyone except to your logic, but that’s okay. While you’re stressing about the elements getting inside your home, relieve part of your stress by knowing a professional technician from Ameriglass Contractors is on the way to your Palm Beach County home. When damage has occurred to your home, you need to have a professional on-scene who can help clean up and repair the damages. Trust the technicians at Ameriglass Contractors to be that on-scene professional for you!


Board Up Your Home

If your glass door or windows are custom-designed, then allow Ameriglass Contractors to come to your residence to board up your home to ensure protection from the elements. Living in South Florida, we know it storms daily. However, being in the midst of hurricane season, the rain can become overbearing and cause extensive property damage. Make sure your home is protected by having it boarded up by professionals.


Why You Should Switch to Storm Windows

Once one of our technicians visits your home and evaluates the extent of the damage, they may discuss with you the benefits of installing storm windows! The glass on traditional windows can shatter easily, which is why most West Palm Beach homeowners choose storm windows. Storm windows from Ameriglass Contractors can help protect the interior of their home, without sacrificing the home’s exterior aesthetic. Another benefit of storm windows from Ameriglass Contractors is their cost-effectiveness. 

You can save money in the long run by choosing windows that can properly protect your property from the rainstorms and wind that come during hurricane season. Furthermore, storm windows and doors additionally aid in keeping sound out, energy levels consistent, and burglars from intruding. All of which are added benefits that enhance your home security and protection.


Contact Ameriglass Contractors today

For over two decades, Ameriglass Contractors has been providing Emergency Home Glass Replacement and hurricane storm windows in West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and Broward. If your West Palm Beach home has suffered damage to a window or glass door, then call Ameriglass Contractors any time of day to make sure the job gets done right the first time! We take pride in our work, which is why our technicians take complete measurements and have the ability and expertise to repair small damages of your glass immediately on site. By offering Emergency Home Glass Repair and Replacement, Ameriglass contractors provide residents the ease and comfort of clear solutions when broken glass appears on their property. Remember to dial (954) 906-0606 when your glass door or windows break to have a technician on-site in only half an hour!