It may feel like you can’t escape hearing about impact windows and doors, especially if you live in South Florida. There is a good reason for this though; impact windows and doors come with many great benefits to your family and property. The most common reason for consumers purchasing this product is due to the infamous amount of hurricanes us Floridians get in the summer and early fall months. These hurricanes alone are a valid reason for anyone to say a final goodbye to your accordion hurricane shutters. If you are a full-time Floridian and not a snowbird then you probably have considered getting impact windows and doors installed; however, if you are reading this blog post then you probably are slightly hesitant. At Ameriglass Contractors we have all of the information you could need on impact glass. If you’re still on the fence about impact windows and doors here are 5 reasons you should consider getting them done.


  1. Reduces Cost of Homeowners Insurance


Every homeowner is familiar with homeowner’s insurance. However, not every homeowner realizes that having impact windows and doors can significantly lower the cost. This is due to a decreased risk of damage being done to your property. Chances are that a hurricane is eventually going to hit and your house is going to take some form of a beating. If you have shutters you may see more damage done versus if you have the impact windows, this, in turn, causes your cost to be higher because you do not have the highest level of protection. Impact glass can take up to 200 miles per hour wind speed and tends to only slightly shatter when an object hits them, allowing the insurance companies to have a little more breathing room. These windows and doors are also extremely secure and have helped protect people from burglaries. Not only does physical damage influence insurance costs but crime threats do too. A higher likelihood of crime striking your home means a higher cost of insurance.


  1. Protects Against Hurricanes


This may seem obvious; nonetheless, it is still critical to mention. This is a huge reason for Floridians to splurge on impact windows and doors. Hurricanes have been very forgiving in Florida lately with Hurricane Dorian just barely missing us in 2019. We have to think about what could have been; the Bahamas saw the storm stall above them for days with ferocious wind speed and heavy rain. This could have been us and still could be us in the future. As storms are getting increasingly stronger, it is even more critical than before to have the best protection for your home, yourself, and your loved ones.


  1. Say Bye to Noise Pollution


One of the most underrated reasons people get impact windows and doors is noise pollution. This may not be an issue for many; however, if you live on a busy street or near a highway you know just how loud the outdoors can get. From sirens, car honking, to construction, impact glass can erase all of this. This is an especially great feature for families with young children and dogs. We all know how frustrating it can when the newborn baby has fallen asleep just for some random noise outside to wake the baby back up. Make your home a more peaceful environment and contact Ameriglass today.


  1. Cheaper Energy Bill


Here is another fiscal reason to consider impact windows and doors. With impact glass, you will notice a significant reduction in your AC and heating bills. The impact glass does this by blocking heat from coming inside your home, in turn making your AC unit work notably less. This is fantastic news for those who live in South Florida where the summer temperatures climb into the high 90’s. With so many hot days in Florida, it’s easy to forget about the few chilly nights and mornings we have. Those few days out of the year where you need to blast the heat will be less costly with impact glass. The glass has multiple layers to it allowing heat from inside the house to stay inside, relieving some pressure on your heater.


With hurricane season rapidly approaching now is the ideal time to get started on installing your impact windows and doors. As all of us Floridians know, these storms are becoming more and more unpredictable making it even more important to stay safe and save money. With Ameriglass impact glass, you can get through this upcoming hurricane season with little to no damage done. Contact us today by phone at (954) 329-0570 or by email at [email protected] to schedule a time and date for us to come out and give you your free quote. Let us help you stay safe this summer!