In South Florida, hurricane season is in full effect, meaning you need to make sure your Miami storefront is secured and protected. Many traditional windows are made with glass that can shatter easily, which is why most Floridian business executives prefer Hi-Impact Glass for their storefronts. With Hi-Impact Glass, you can have peace of mind knowing your windows and glass doors are protected and able to withstand windborne debris. When debris crashes into your commercial property, additional damages may occur due to breaking through the window or glass door. Still, now with Hi-Impact Glass, the things inside your office are better protected against these occurrences.


Storefront Impact Glass Repair Miami

Ameriglass Contractors is a Glass Replacement Company that offers Storefront Impact Glass Repair in Miami and surrounding cities. When damage has occurred to your storefront, you need to have a professional on-scene who can help clean up and repair the damages. Ameriglass Contractors is that Commercial Glass Replacement Company ready to help your business open back up. When we repair your Miami storefront, we often ask clients if they would be interested in replacing their broken windows with Hi-Impact Glass to increase protection and security against a natural disaster or a tropical storm. Hi-Impact Glass is scientifically engineered to withstand high winds and wind debris better. Nevertheless, these glass windows can still fragment over time, and Ameriglass Contractors are trained and certified to repair or replace Hi-Impact Glass windows or glass doors.


The Benefits of Hi-Impact Glass

Ameriglass Contractors technicians install Hi-Impact Glass windows or glass doors by following the product’s Notices of Acceptance (NOA) with strict conformity, so your Hi-Impact Glass is fixed right the first time. Not only are you getting top quality service, but Ameriglass Contractors only uses the best materials available! You’ll know that your storefront will be safe with an Ameriglass-installed window or glass door. We understand clients deserve to know just why we praise and recommend Hi-Impact Glass for storefront windows and doors, and that’s because it’s only the best! If you don’t want to take our word for it, here are five benefits to installing Hi-Impact Glass to your Miami storefront. 


Energy Efficient

Compared to ordinary windows, Hi-Impact Glass windows provide increased insulation, preventing the cold or high temperature from transferring between your inner and outer conditions.


Continuous Protection

Hi-Impact Glass windows and doors are scientifically engineered to withstand high winds and wind debris better. This added protection allows your windows and doors to last longer and, therefore, protect the contents of your office better!


Noise Reduction

In addition to the increased insulation, Hi-Impact Glass windows and doors also provide increased noise reduction than traditional windows and doors, allowing you to have a more peaceful household. 


UV Protection

Hi-Impact Glass windows and doors block UV rays by up to 99%, protecting your home or office’s contents from fading or discoloration.


Insurance Premium Discount Rates

Hi-Impact Glass windows and doors are a protective program for the house or office, allowing owners to get nearly up to half from their bill. Check with your insurance company to see if this can apply to you!

If you are on the fence about installing Hi-Impact Glass to replace your current windows, don’t let it be a factor! Ameriglass Contractors are happy to inform clients that are generally financing options available. Besides Storefront Impact Glass Repair, Ameriglass specializes in fences, gates, pool screens, sunrooms, and screen enclosures. No matter what you’re searching for this hurricane season, trust that you have a company ready and willing to assist.  


With numerous successful jobs and over two decades of experience, we’re your top choice in hurricane storm windows in Miami. For all Hi-Impact Glass repair needs, call Ameriglass Contractors any day to get the job done right the first time. With locations in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Broward, Ameriglass Contractors can arrive on the scene in 30 minutes to provide emergency Hi-Impact Glass repairs and replacements. Call Ameriglass Contractors at (954) 906-0606 to get started with your Storefront Impact Glass Repair job today!