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    We provide affordable commercial impact glass replacement & repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    Commercial High-Impact Glass

    Commercial High Impact Glass Replacement Company- 24/7 Emergency Glass Repair
    Impact glass is a sturdy investment for business and homeowners, specifically in South Florida. Storm seasons generally produce at least some windborne debris, but anyone who is been in Florida for a few years understands that another one can be around the corner. Hi-Impact glass doors and windows give business & homeowner’s peacefulness that they will not have to deal with damaged glass in the middle of the night.
    Keep your property protected and call Ameriglass Contractor for impact glass door repair in West Palm Beach, Miami & Broward. With more than 10 years of experience, our impact glass company understands how to repair your impact door or impact windowpane the first time around. Be dependent on us for 24-hour service, 7 days a week, emergency hi-impact glass repair and expect same-day impact door replacement or repair. Our work is guaranteed by professional and qualified team.


    Storefront High-Impact Glass

    Storefront High Impact Glass Repair Company Serving West Palm Beach, Miami & Broward

    Call for a free estimate for high-impact glass repair and we will provide you with an authentic and affordable price. We continue to work hard to save your money, working fairly quickly and effectively to complete your project as quickly as possible. The high-impact glass installation and impact glass repair are guaranteed, providing assurance you have made a protected and secure investment.
    A damaged or broken High-Impact glass window or High-Impact Glass door is an problems that you will need to repair as quickly as possible. If you will need impact glass services, therefore consider the benefit of our outstanding window glass repair and impact glass repair services. Same-day and 30 minutes response time service is out there 24 hours a day, including nights, weekends, and vacations no matter what time, you can expect an affordable price and top quality craftsmanship.

    Request a Free Estimate for High Impact Glass Door Repairs in West Palm Beach

    Request a free estimate for high impact door replacement or repair and receive same-day service. We know important it is to keep your home sealed and protected; we work quickly to make sure that your property is secure.
    Be expecting to have 30 minutes response for any impact glass replacement or repair. We are available in the market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain your home or business protected. Ameriglass Contractor offer all customers a really good product high-quality at affordable price replacing your hi-impact glass the first occasion in the recommended way.


    Benefits of Hi-Impact Glass

    Benefits of Hi Impact Glass Windows and Doors
    Are you considering protecting your property from a storm or hurricane? Ameriglass Contractor hi-impact glass window repair & installation services can provide a top quality of protection and security you will not find anywhere. Our impact glass windows and high impact glass door provide you with all year round protection from hurricane force winds, heavy rain, debris, and storm destruction

    Impact glass windows do more than just protect your business or house from the elements. Some great benefits of Hurricane Impact Doors and windows are:

    1. Energy Efficient – Today, anything that we could do that can certainly help lower the electrical bill is a vital. Regular windows will permit the cold or warmth to transfer between your inner and outer areas with mild amount of resistance. The wonderful thing about hi-impact glass windows is definitely that they provide a top-quality insulation that will continue to keep this transfer under control and hence giving the property or business owner an even more friendly energy costs.
    2. Continuous Protection – Anyone who are the owners of hurricane panels recognize how much work it truly is to set them up and consider them down. Not simply is this a trouble, however it gives you just temporary protection from many different scenarios; such a higher velocity home windows and break-ins. An excellent advantage of owning Hi Impact glass door is which you have around clock protection.
    3. Noise Reduction – If you live near an active intersection or a ball field, after that reducing the audio around you could be a good choice. So if you want to create a tranquil environment while having security from high velocity home windows, then Hi Impact glass windows will accomplish this specific feat for you.
    4. U-V Protection – Within Florida, there exists a boat load of sun. This implies that there is a specific amount of U-V light present. Impact glass door will block these dangerous rays by up to 99% and guard the considerations that you possess in your house or business. These rays could cause extreme fading or discoloration of from your couch to breakfast desk.
    5. Insurance premium special discounts – Because Impact Windows certainly are a protective program for the house or office, the common owner may possibly get nearly up to half from their bill. Of training course, each insurance company differs and the actual quantity can vary.


    24/7 Emergency impact Glass Repair Miami, Broward & West Palm Beach

    Licensed & Insured Commercial impact Glass Replacement Contractor

    Why choose Ameriglass Contractor as your storefront impact glass replacement contractor company?

    • 100% USA owned and operated
    • Family business
    • Satisfaction guaranteed
    • Very competitively priced
    • Expert craftsmen on the premises
    • Fast and reliable repair & replacement service
    • We design and install your window furnishings

    • Friendly and professional staff
    • All our glass repair team is qualified.
    • 30 minutes response.
    • Quality workmanship.
    • Quality materials used.
    • Competitive Pricing.
    • Warranty on all products & craftsmanship.
    • Comprehensive Insurance cover

    Ameriglass Contractor Commercial Glass Repair, Glass Replacement & Installation Services

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    Our Storefront Glass Replacement Services Include:

    • Storefront Emergency Glass Replacement
    • Storefront Window Replacement

    • Storefront Glass Replacement

    • Replacing screen in a wood or metal frame
    • Replacing sash windows
    • Replacing joints
    • Replacing casement windows
    • Replacing window sills
    • And more!

    Our Storefront Glass Repair Services Include:

    • Storefront Emergency Glass Repair

    • Storefront Window Glass Repair

    • Storefront Glass Repair

    • Repairing screen in a wood or metal frame

    • Repairing sash windows

    • Repairing joints

    • Repairing casement windows

    • Repairing window sills

    • And more!


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