Every business owner’s nightmare is the storefront glass shattering. Although not a huge fix, it can be a cause for huge issues. The shattered glass can be a lawsuit waiting to happen, customers passing by could slip or cut themselves on the broken glass. Or on the other hand, the shattered glass can make the store a target for criminals. Another aspect to consider is the business benefits that are lost when there is no storefront. Storefronts offer consumers a sneak peek into the items a store has, without this you could lose some potential customers. This form of advertising is crucial for every company. Either way, you want to look at it, this is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Whether this is your first or fifth time experiencing this issue we have all the information you need on how to best deal with this circumstance. At Ameriglass Contractors in Fort Lauderdale, we are experts in all things glass. From the clean up to the glass installation, we do it all.


  1.   Assess the Damage

This is the first step in the process. You need to evaluate the damage that has been done to the storefront glass. This will allow you to figure out how the glass shattered and what your next move towards getting the glass fixed is. If the glass shattered because of a suspected robbery then you need to use this time to call law enforcement and have them investigate the scene while it’s fresh. However, if you think it was an accident or if some natural element caused it then it’s best to reach out to your insurance company.


  1.   Contact Ameriglass

At this point, you should have an idea of whether the shattered glass damage needs to go through the insurance company or the police. Now you can move on to fixing the shattered storefront. There are numerous glass contracting companies out there; nonetheless, you need to go with one that you can trust. This is where Ameriglass comes in to help. We have fixed all kinds of storefront windows in all sorts of sizes, and have a team of experts who all have years of experience in the industry. We know how stressful this can be on business owners and will ensure our team works efficiently and promptly so you can see your business thrive again.


  1.   Cleanup

You may be overwhelmed thinking you need to call and glass contracting company and now a cleaning service. Well, with Ameriglass this isn’t the case. We take care of everything from the clean up through to the glass installation. With our company, you can get all of the services you need in one. We make sure this process is as simple and streamlined as possible for you. The cleanup process can involve plenty of risks for your employees to handle, and janitorial staff may not be equipped to clean and dispose of the broken glass correctly. With our team, we have all of the tools needed to get the cleanup done safely; eliminating any risks your employees or janitorial staff would have to endure.


  1.   Protection

After you contact Ameriglass to come out to clean up the damage and get a start on fixing the glass, you’re going to need some form of temporary protection. This protection is used to cover up the damaged area until it can be properly replaced. Usually, you need to call a third company to come out and do this for you; however, at Ameriglass we handle the protection part of the process as well. We will leave your storefront safe from intruders and crime while your glass order is on the way. This way you can continue business without any additional stress.  


With Ameriglass a 4-step process quickly becomes a 2-step process. We have all of the services you could need during this rough patch. With our team on your side, your business will be up and running in no time. As soon as you evaluate the damage give us a call at (305) 676-7676 to find out what services we can offer you and your company.