Home and business owners count on Ameriglass contractors for all their patio glass door needs in West Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Counties.

Patio doors are often the largest area of glass in a home. Since they get used regularly, they are prone to breaking more than other glass enclosures. We deal with patio door issues such as, a door not opening properly, a door not locking correctly, abnormal hinge or track noise, excessive air leakage in doors, scratched glass and mineral stains, and more. There are many reasons to call Ameriglass for your patio door repair. You can improve on the energy efficiency of your home by simply fixing a patio or sliding glass door. You can also stop damage to your door track, increase the security of your home, and improve the general appearance of your house. If an upgrade is desired, we can increase the visual appearance of your door, as well as increase the energy efficiency of your home. We have the perfect solutions for you in door repair and upgrade.
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Sliding glass door repair Ameriglass Contractors

Patio Glass Door Repair Near Me

Repairing or replacing the patio glass door is among the most cost-effective house improvements.

More and more people deal with inadequately operating patio glass doors for too much time so when we are finished with our repairs they are shocked by just how easy it really is to use their door. Property owners will be ecstatic with their new glass door.

Known reasons for patio glass door repair:

Great things about patio glass door repair

Increases the energy efficiency of your house Did a rock or mishit baseball break your glass patio door? Contact us for quick and simple glass patio door replacement. Just tell us the length and width of the damaged door, and we’ll locate and set up a new door ASAP.


Repairing a patio glass door is often more budget-friendly than replacing the entire door, saving you money.

Enhanced Security

Fixing damaged locks or handles can improve the security of your home.

Preservation of Aesthetics

Repairing the glass or frame can maintain the door's original appearance and charm.

Quick Fix

Repairs are typically quicker to complete than full replacements, minimizing disruption to your daily life.


Repairing instead of replacing is an environmentally responsible choice, reducing waste.


You can choose to repair specific components of the door, tailoring the solution to your needs.

Increased Lifespan

Proper repairs can extend the lifespan of your patio glass door, delaying the need for replacement.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Repairing seals and addressing drafts can enhance the door's energy efficiency, potentially reducing utility bills.

If you want custom made patio glass door installation, we are able to handle this as well, just simply give us a time frame to produce the custom made glass for your door.

Ameriglass Contractors Services

Ameriglass Contractors offers diverse glass services: commercial repair/installation, storefront impact glass repair, residential glass repair, residential glass replacement, including french and sliding glass door services, glass partition repair, storefront and home board-up, and shower enclosure services. Trust us for patio glass door needs and top-tier residential glass replacement.
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